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How to Find and/or Change VBA Project Name

Occasionally you may find the need to check to see what your VBA project name is for your database. Typically it can, if named with an Access Reserved Word, cause problems with your code as it will return an error … Continue reading

How to Create a Multi-Field Index

Easy way to remember how to refer to subforms

Subforms, subforms, subforms… It is a word that generates fear into the sturdiest Access developer. How do you reference a control on a subform? How do you reference a subform to requery it? How do you reference a subform so … Continue reading

Change Recordsource From a Table to a Query

Are data stored in any particular order in tables?

There is a common misconception amongst Access users that the data is stored in the tables and is stored in the order in which the data has been input. That is a view that is very, very wrong. So, how … Continue reading