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Return Last Date Of Month

Got this from a post by Allan Bunch (RuralGuy) on Access World Forums.

Return All ODBC Linked Table and View Names to Excel

Open Another Database

This code opens another instance of Access and the database that the full path and name is sent to the function.

Lock Select Controls

There are times where you might want to lock select controls so that you can still use something on the form. Setting the AllowEdits property to NO will lock all of the controls that could be edited, including (for example) … Continue reading

How To Check If A Form Is Open (loaded)

Get Week Number of Date in Month (1-5)

Get Month Number From Month Name

Here are two ways of getting that information. The second is more compact than the first. Or here’s another method, (courtesy of Bob Askew):

Find Previous / Next Sunday

Code courtesy of Bob Askew (raskew on Access World Forums). Find previous Sunday Find next Sunday

Find Next/Previous Specified Day

This code was generously donated by Bob Askew (raskew) from Access World Forums and modified by Bob Larson to be able to look either forward or back. NOTE: If you use this in a QUERY or Control Source, you have … Continue reading

Find Earliest Date From Input