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General MS Office / Windows

These are shortcuts you can use for various tasks in Office or Windows. Ctrl + A Selects all items in the current window/document Ctrl + C Copies the highlighted text/item Ctrl + P Opens the Print dialog Ctrl + V … Continue reading

Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Excel 97 Excel 2000 Excel 2002 Excel 2003 Excel 2007

Why you should not store calculated information in the tables

The question has been asked many times before and it will be asked many times in the future: “I have calculations on my form but they aren’t saving to the table and I need them to be saved, why aren’t … Continue reading

How to use queries to get your lookup values

Many times people will make the mistake of using lookups at table level instead of using them only at a form level. One of the big problems with this is that it obscures the way lookups actually work. The idea … Continue reading

How To Do An Autofill In Microsoft Excel

How to set your Application Title and Icon

How to Set a Trusted Location

How to Set a Startup Form

How to Open the Field List in Form’s Design View

How to Hide the Navigation Pane